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Recent Call Notifications

  • 9.18.20

    Good Evening,

    This is Jessica Anderson, Director of Testing & Accountability and Administrator for Alexander County Schools.  Your child is a student at Alexander Central High School's Student Success Center, and I am calling you this evening to inform you of attendance updates and remote learning check-in procedures. 

    For students working remotely, if he or she is submitting their work, they will be marked present for that day of work..If there is two-way communication, the student is present. Students can check in remotely by calling SSC at 632-5101, emailing his or her teacher, or completing the Remote Check-in Form located on the SSC website at alexander.k12.nc.us/ssc.

    It is crucial for parents to understand that students will be held accountable for Face to Face/On-site Attendance. Specifically, if a student is not present on-site for days that he or she is scheduled to attend school, he or she will be marked absent. 

    If you have any additional questions, please call SSC at 632-5101.


    Thank you and have a good evening.