Parking Application


PDF Download:  ACHS Student Parking Application


ACHS Student Parking Agreement 

Cost for parking is $25 per year or $15 for Spring Semester Only

All applications MUST BE SIGNED by a parent/guardian and have a copy of the student’s valid driver’s license attached.

To complete the application you will need the following information:

Student Full Name
State Driver’s License Number


Body Style
State Tag # 

Full Name and Address of Owner

Parent Home and Work Phone Numbers 

ACHS participates in the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s parking privilege project.  The name of the program is “R U Buckled.”  The program is designed to make sure that all drivers and passengers are wearing their seatbelts while a vehicle is in motion on school campus.  This will be monitored by the campus SRO.  This program is to ensure the safety of our students. 

 Students driving to school will ENTER and EXIT through the entrance gate at School Drive. 

 All vehicles must display a visible parking pass on the rear view mirror or will be ticketed.

 Parking is strictly limited to designated student parking spaces only.  Assigned spaces and parking permits are NOT transferable to another student. 

Driving is a privilege and this privilege can be revoked at any time for school discipline issues.  Violation of school rules including but not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, controlled substance, seat belt violation of driver or passenger(s), and/or any other criminal acts will result in revocation of driving privilege. 

Students who are driving a vehicle on school property must wear a safety belt when arriving to/or leaving school, and at any other time when the vehicle is in motion while on school property.

All student parking applications must be signed by a parent/guardian and student driver.  The student will agree to follow school rules and motor vehicle laws. Any violation of rules while on school property will be documented.

Parking permits will be issued to students completing this form (with parent’s signature, a fee of $25, and a copy of the student’s valid driver’s license attached.) 

Parent Signature is required for the following statement on the application:
My son/daughter has my permission to drive the said vehicle described above to school.  It is understood that the violation of any of the driving and parking regulations listed below may result in the suspension or revocation of this privilege.  I and my son/daughter also understand that effective July 1, 2007, the Alexander County Board of Education adopted a policy that allows the random alcohol and drug testing of students.  This policy applies to all high school students who elect, on a voluntary basis, to participate in any school-sponsored athletic/cheerleading extra-curricular activity or to operate and/or park a motor vehicle on campus. To be eligible to participate in activities/drive on campus, the student and his/her parents/guardian must agree, in writing to the random alcohol and drug testing policy.  Students may be tested for the presence of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, anabolic steroids, amphetamines, and any other drugs the superintendent deems appropriate. Signing the application will constitute an agreement to random drug testing for your child.