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New ACHS Athletic Boosters Bylaws

Alexander Central High School Athletic Booster Club




This organization shall be known as the Alexander Central High School Athletic Booster Club.




The ACHS Athletic Booster Club is composed of parents, staff, and other community members who have an interest in supporting, promoting and encouraging all aspects of Alexander Central’s educational based athletic program.  This organization will fundraise through a variety of means to properly support eighteen programs, facilities, maintenance, and improvements in an effort to help our student athletes participate in a first class manner.


Funds are historically used for the following:

  • Recognition letters, pins and bars for student purchased letter jackets
  • Awards
  • Recognition banners
  • Senior athlete gifts
  • Hospitality
  • Coaching Clinics for professional development
  • Field maintenance
  • Facility improvement
  • Items requested by athletic programs




Qualifications to be a member:

  • Voting privileges and volunteer only:  $10.00 per academic year
  • Full membership to include voting privileges to nominate and vote on executive board only.
  • Ex Officio Membership :  Shall be dues free memberships to include voting privileges granted to the following persons:
    • Athletic Director, Alexander Central High School
    • Principal, Alexander Central High School
    • Assistant Superintendent, Alexander County Schools
    • Superintendent, Alexander County Schools
    • Alexander County School Board Liaison

A general member meeting shall take place monthly during the ten month school calendar on the first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm in the school cafeteria.  The executive board can make adjustments to this as needed and will communicate the change of date/time a week in advance.




  • President - The President shall:
    • Conduct the affairs of the Boosters and execute the policies established by the Officers
    • Communicate the Officers such matters as deemed necessary, and make suggestions that promote the welfare and achieve the objectives of the Boosters
    • Act on behalf of the Officers, with their approval on matters of contracts, leases, and purchases in the name of the Boosters.
    • Investigate complaints, irregularities, and conditions detrimental to the Boosters and report to the Officers.
    • Present a report of the condition of the Boosters at the school year end meeting.
    • Serve as a liaison between the Athletic Director, school administration, vendors and other outside organizations as needed.
    • Oversee the clubs allocation of funds with the Officers approval.
  • Vice President - The Vice President shall:
    • Assist the President in his/her duties
    • In the absence or disability of the President, perform and carry out all duties and responsibilities of the President
    • Assist the Officers of the Boosters in their duties as requested and necessary.


  • Secretary - The Secretary shall:
    • Record the minutes of all meetings of the Athletic Booster Club
    • Maintain a compilation of the organization’s minutes
    • Is responsible for correspondence
    • Have a current copy of the by-laws
    • Maintain a current membership list
    • Maintain a backup of all records so they do not merely exist on one computer


  • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall:
    • Have custody of all the funds of the Alexander Central Athletic Booster Club
    • Keep books of accounts and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts and cancelled checks for five years.
    • Maintain a backup of all financial records so they do not exist on merely one computer
    • Makes disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the Athletic Booster Club.
    • Sign on bank accounts ( two authorizations shall be required for the issuance of all checks)
    • Present a financial report, both written and verbal, at every meeting of the Athletic Booster Club and as requested by the Officers.
    • Be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records
    • Submit books to school officials as needed for review
    • Provide a monthly bank statement to Principal and AD for Alexander Central HS


  • Athletic Director - The Athletic Director shall have the overall responsibility for coordinating the activities of the Alexander Central Athletic Booster Club with the athletics department of Alexander Central High School.
  • The Executive Board will consist of:
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer (both co-treasurers)
    • Athletic Director
    • Community Director

Appointment or Election of Officers and Term:  The President shall take nominations and conduct elections in the April and May meetings of the academic school year for a two year term.




  • Finance
    • Responsible for maintaining a committee of at least three members, other than officers, who shall review the books of the organization between the regular meetings in May and June.  
    • Assist the Treasurer with non-profit status of the ACHS Athletic Booster Club
  • Membership
    • Responsible for promoting the ACHS Athletic Booster Club membership
    • Maintain an accurate membership roster and reconcile membership dues.
    • Update and prepare membership forms to solicit membership from parents and the community.
    • Organize the sale of Reserved Seating at Football contests and oversee the chart of reserved seating
  • Concessions
    • Responsible for inventory of concession stock and ordering supplies
    • Responsible for obtaining “start-up” money for concessions sales
    • Coordinate and schedule volunteer  workers for concession sales.
    • Ensure all permits and related food safety signs are posted.
    • Report to the Officers on issues related to the concession stands
  • Spirit Wear/Apparel
    • Responsible for ordering, inventory and sales of spirit wear/apparel
    • Present a plan for the school year for ordering and selling of apparel to the Officers for approval
  • Fundraising
    • Work with parents and volunteers to distribute information on fundraising events
    • Oversee, organize and head all fundraising activities of the Boosters


Compensation:  No Officer or Committee Chairperson will receive a salary or any compensation whatsoever.




  • Monies raised through the Alexander Central Athletic Booster Club will be used exclusively to support the educational based mission of the Alexander Central Athletic Department.
  • Multiple Athletic Booster Club members will be involved with the Club’s financial processes
    • Two assigned members will count money and reconciliation paperwork should be signed by both people
    • Two members will cut checks to pay vendors - two signatures required for any check and a Board vote on any expenditure over $1,000.00
    • Two endorsements on every withdrawal
    • A separate member will reconcile the Club’s checkbook
    • Club members will rotate over financial processes and collections
    • All monies collected from any fundraising activity will be immediately deposited or held for safekeeping at the bank.  No Club member should take cash home and cash should never be kept overnight.
  • Parlimentary Authority:  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Alexander Central Athletic Booster Club in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with these bylaws.
  • Process to Amend the bylaws: Majority vote by the Executive Board required to make amendments to the bylaws.

Presented for approval of membership this 13th day of August 2018.


Accepted this 13th day of August 2018.