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Bethlehem Elementary Roof Repair and Replacement Made Possible Through DPI Grant

Media Release
For Immediate Release (05.05.2022)
Renee Meade, Director of Communications/PIO
(Information released from NCDPI)

Bethlehem Elementary Roof Repair and Replacement Made Possible Through DPI Grant

Bethlehem Elementary School will get a new roof thanks to a North Carolina Department of Public Education (NCDPI) grant and the 2021-2022 Needs-Based Capital Fund. The roof repair and replacement project will cost $1,353,370.  

Alexander County Schools is one of more than two dozen school districts across North Carolina to share nearly $400 million in new state lottery-funded grant awards for school construction, renovation projects, and other capital improvements.

"The Alexander County Board of Education and I are so pleased with the award from the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund. This funding will be instrumental in addressing one of the capital needs in our school system. Awards such as this positively impact our students, staff, and communities, and for that, we are extremely grateful,” stated Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Hefner.

The grants, awarded under the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund, represent the largest annual allocation under the program, created by the General Assembly in 2017 from state lottery revenues. The grants are in addition to the state’s lottery-supported Public School Building Capital Fund, from which all districts receive an allocation each year.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt said the needs-based grants are a key support for districts where local tax resources fall short of needs for modernizing or replacing aging school facilities.

 “Just as all students in North Carolina need an excellent teacher in every classroom,” she said, “students and teachers need high-quality schools in good repair that help support learning. These needs-based grants are an important boost for many districts and communities – and most importantly, their students.”

Maintenance Director Chris Campbell submitted the grant application on behalf of Alexander County Schools. NCDPI reviewed the grant applications based on priorities in the law, including the ability to generate revenue, high debt-to-tax revenue ratio, and the extent to which a project will address critical deficiencies in adequately serving the current and future student population. 


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