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Fifty-six retirees recognized; 2020 and 2021 retirement reception held

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Alexander County administration and school board members recognized 56 school system employees as they retired from the school system with a reception and award presentation on Tuesday, June 8.  The recognition included retirees from the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.

Due to COVID restrictions last June, a reception for our 2019-2020 retirees was postponed. Recent changes to the pandemic guidelines allowed for a combined celebration. A reception was held at Alexander Central High School cafeteria prior to the school board meeting. Each retiree received a plaque presented by a school board member at the honors and recognition portion of the school board meeting.


019-2020 Retirees

Alexander Central High School 

Darrell R. Adkins, Business Teacher, 1996-2020

Scotty P. Miller, CTE Business Teacher, 2016-2020


Student Success Center 

Annette L. Wiley-Picard, Teacher, 2018-2020


Bethlehem Elementary School  

Jane Bolick, Nutrition Assistant, 1994-1996 & 1999-2020

Jennifer S. Conner, Nutrition Assistant, 1998-2002 & 2004-2020

Deborah I. Crowder, Permanent Substitute, 2001-2009 & 2009-2020

Debra B. Jolly, Teacher Assistant, 1999-2009 & 2009-2019


East Alexander Middle School 

Sharon G. Howell, Nutrition Assistant, 2001-2002 & 2002-2019

Samuel D. Pinnix, Custodian, 2000-2019

Janice C. Tester, Permanent Substitute, 1989-1992 / 2003-2004 / 2007-2020


Ellendale Elementary School  

Kari I. Harrington, Teacher, 2002-2015 & 2019-2020

Sheila S. Pennell, Nutrition Assistant, 1993-2020

Amy H. Sipe, Music Teacher, 1992-2020


Hiddenite Elementary School  

Susan K. Gwaltney, Teacher Assistant, 1989-2020

Susan W. Lackey, Nutrition Assistant, 2010-2020


Stony Point Elementary School  

Sharon B. Alexander, Teacher, 2000-2020

Marilyn L. Angle, Teacher, 2004-2020

Angela R. Lail, Custodian, 1988-1989 & 1999-2019

Cynthia Rector, EC Teacher Assistant, 1997-1998 & 2001-2020


Sugar Loaf Elementary School  

Karen M. Loudermelk, Teacher Assistant, 2000-2016 & 2019-2020

Tracy E. Sigmon, Teacher Assistant, 1996-2019

Tammy B. Watts, Teacher, 1990-2001 & 2002-2020


Taylorsville Elementary School  

William C. Miller, PE Teacher, 1988-2019

Susan C. Watts, Teacher Assistant, 1995-2020


West Alexander Middle School 

Arnold Cogswell Jr., Social Studies Teacher, 2004 - 2019

Kathy A. Rector, EC Teacher Assistant, 1999-2020


Wittenburg Elementary School 

Susan W. Winkler, Nutrition Assistant, 2010-2020


Transportation Department 

Conrad L. Millsaps, Transportation, 1994-2003 & 2004-2020

Deidria D. Watts, Transportation Assistant, 1999-2019


2020-2021 Retirees of the Alexander County Schools

 Alexander Central High School  

Jonathan B. Gailes, Science Teacher, 2016-2020

Susan S. Gantt, CTE Director, 1991-2021

Kimberly L. Howell, Teacher, 1997-2001 & 2014-2021

Dennis S. Jones, EC Teacher, 1989-1992 & 2003-2020

Garry L. Stafford, Band Director, 1979-2003 & 2012-2020


Student Success Center 

Dr. Lisa D. Harrington, Coordinator, 1994-2009 & 2014-2020

Elizabeth A. Herman, Teacher, 1999-2020

James A. Mayes, Teacher, 2017-2021


Bethlehem Elementary School  

Teresa K. Parsons, BASC Site Coordinator, 1994-1996 & 1996-2021

Jennifer D. Patterson, Teacher, 1992-2021

Debbie O. Teague, Teacher Assistant, 1993-1996 & 1996-2020


East Alexander Middle School  

Caroline R. Bebber, Secretary, 1999-2021

Linda C. Chapman, Educational Interpreter, 2009-2021

Karen M. Millsaps, Custodian, 1991-2020

Teresa B. Riddle, Teacher, 1998-2021


Ellendale Elementary School

Jennifer P. Mull, Teacher, 1979-2014 & 2017-2021


Hiddenite Elementary School  

Debra G. Beckham, Teacher Assistant, 1996-2000 & 2000-2021

Dolores A. Fox, Teacher, 2017-2021

Tammy B. Marlowe, Teacher, 2006-2021


Stony Point Elementary School 

Christopher L. Hefner, Teacher, 1993-2021

Tracye M. Vanstory, Teacher, 1989-2021


Sugar Loaf Elementary School  

Cary B. Cash, Principal, 1989-2021

Rejena F. Shook, Nutrition Assistant, 1993-2021


Taylorsville Elementary School  

Melony D. Brown, Receptionist, 2007-2021


West Alexander Middle School  
Trina B. Coffey, Nutrition Assistant, 2001-2003 & 2018-2021

Maintenance Department 

 Larry F. Bumgarner, Plumber, 1986-1990 & 2001-2020


Central Office 

Tracy G. Russell, PowerSchool Coord. & HR Assist, 1992-1993 & 1994-2020

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Plaque Presentation Photos

Reception and fun photos


You can watch the full presentation during the June school board meeting on our YouTube channel at the link - The retirement recognitions begin at 8:52 (min:sec).