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Board votes middle and high schools remain in Plan B

ACS middle and high school students remain in Plan B
for the remainder of the school year


After a lengthy discussion and presentation, school board members voted 6 to 1 for middle and high school students to remain in Plan B through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

A few issues considered during the discussion include physical distancing during student lunches, transportation, and the disruption of student and family routines in exchange for less than 30 days of instructional time.

Board members and district administration shared information to dispel rumors and incorrect information during a portion of the meeting. One specific rumor is that 50% of Alexander Central High School students are failing. Currently, 18% of students are not making academic progress. Earlier in the year, that number was 27% but has been narrowed by interventions implemented at the school. Alexander Central High School principal Gordon Palmer estimated that as many as 5 – 10% of students would not be making academic progress in a regular school year.

The meeting is on the district YouTube channel at