• Clubs will be bi-weekly on Friday's during our school-wide Intervention/Enrichment block.  Club sign-up will take place during the first few weeks of school.  

    Club Choices:

    Cafe Corner (7th) - Mrs. Palmer
    The club gives students an opportunity to read in a cafe environment.

    Exercise Club (Medicine Balls/Yoga) 7th - Mrs. Huss
    In this club, we will do gentle exercise and yoga.

    Girls Weight Training Club ( 8th) - Mr. Brown
    The club is to educate girls on the fundamentals and techniques of weight training. This club shows them exercises that can be done through out a life time. The class teaches form and technique and how to practice proper safety procedures while lifting. Girls must wear tennis shoes for clubs each time. NO OPEN TOE SHOES ALLOWED IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!!!!!!!This seems to always be a problem each year, so make sure you are responsible enough to have the proper shoes or DO NOT sign up for the club. Thanks.

    Basketball Club (7th and 8th) - Coach Killian
    Basketball skills and games. This is for people who know how to play and want to get better against others who can play as well. Please sign up if you are interested in trying out for basketball.

    Flag Football Club (6) Mr. Rowe
    In this club we will play a scrimmage flag football game every time we meet. Football experience is recommended but not required.

    Running Club - Mr. Stone
    Club members will learn the basics and fundamentals of running. We will complete weekly runs together as a group and compete to see who can earn the most mileage during our club time.

    Craft Club - Mrs. Crouse and Mrs. Hardy
    Are you crafty? Then the craft club is perfect for you! We will be doing a variety of craft projects based on your interest. **You will be expected to help supply craft materials.

    GEMS(6th grade girls) - Mrs. Kirby
    GEMS - Girls Excelling in Math and Science -Any female interested in coding, creating new experiences, and other games involving math and science.

    FCA - Mr. Walker and Mr. Brown
    FCA is a student led Christian organization involved in spreading the Gospel and many service projects. This club is designed for Christian students to gather, fellowship, and learn with like minded students. The club is completely led by students. This includes all lessons and topics discussed. (Students must have a parent fill out a student release form to be a member of FCA.)

    Student Council - Mrs. Frye
    SCA service club. Students have to be voted in.

    Knockout/Soccer - Mrs. Bebber and Mrs. Starnes
    Students play knockout or soccer, their choice.

    Jr. Beta Club-(8th grade only) - Mr. Chandler and Mrs. Simpson
    Jr. Beta Club participants are active stewards of academic achievement, school improvement, and community outreach through activities and fundraisers.

    Murph Training - Mrs. Noble
    Train for the Murph which is held each Memorial Day in honor of former Navy Seal, Michael Murphy who died in Afghanistan as a hero. Students will train to complete the workouts he completed on a daily basis ( modified) , and learn about the honor and courage he had in battle.

    Computer Game Club - (6th grade)Dr. Price
    I will introduce you to some computer games, other times you will be able to play appropriate games of your choice.

    Reading Rocks (6th grade) - Mrs. Reid
    If you love reading and have trouble finding time to indulge in what keeps your brain alive, please join us!

    Drawing/Coloring - Mrs. Joines
    Students can come in and draw/color!

    Ceiling Tiles - (8th Grade) Mrs. Cornwell
    Students will paint ceiling tiles around the school.

    Book Club - Ms. Lowman
    Purposeful independent reading, discussions and written responses.

    The "A" Team - Mrs. Kaylor and Mr. Cochran
    This club is meant for students who would like to play games or have fun with Mrs. Alle's students. This may include board games, wii games, puzzles, etc. This is a great time to bond with students who are not always able to be out and about in the building in day-to-day routines.

    Drawing Club - 
    This club is for students who like to draw.

    Students Helping Others - L. Sipe
    Let's Serve Others! This club will do small service projects to help others throughout the year--from sending cards to our troops to helping out in our community. Let's make a difference in our school, community, and world!

    Coffee House Sketch - Mrs. Stocks
    A place to relax, sketch, and color. You will need to bring your own sketchbook and colored pencils.

    Computer Club - (7th grade) Mr. McGuinn
    Students will have time to play computer games.