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  • In collaboration with the Alexander County School Nurses and East Taylorsville Baptist Church, and with sponsorship from Piedmont Health Care and Jason's deli, over 284 third grade students and their teachers from Alexander County had a chance to experience the Speedway to Healthy exhibit hosted at East Taylorsville Baptist Church.  As the students raced through the exhibit in groups of 8 to 10, volunteers from the community and Piedmont Health Care talked about different body parts and how their food choices play into a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

    Information submitted by Der Holcomb to The Taylorsville Times

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Contact Information

  • Kristen Jolly, Health Services Coordinator, BSN-RN, NCSN, Lead School Nurse and School Nurse for Taylorsville Elementary School and Early College
    828.632.7001 ext. 237 
    Amanda Blackburn, BSN-RN, NCSN, School Nurse for Ellendale and Sugar Loaf Elementary Schools
    Michaele Costello, BSN-RN, NCSN, School Nurse for Alexander Central High School
    Denise Jones,BSN-RN, NCSN,
    School Nurse for East and West Alexander Middle Schools 
    Donna Mayberry, BSN-RN, NCSN,
    School Nurse for Stony Point and Hiddenite Elementary Schools
    Angie Reitzell, BSN-RN, School Nurse for Bethlehem and Wittenburg Elementary Schools
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