Mrs. Melissa Bowman, 5th Grade



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Social Studies

Mrs. Melissa Bowman, 5th Grade



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Math Resources for Families

I have placed a link under the Resources tab that goes directly to the NC math Wiki. There are several helpful pages there. You can learn more about Common Core, 5th grade expectations, and much more! I also placed a link to math videos that teach each math lesson from our curriculum. There is another link with a great article about math education in America. Check all of these resources out! They are linked below AND under the resources tab.


Parent Resources for Math

There's an interesting research article about parents transferring their math anxiety to their children. I probably unknowingly did this to my own children before I became a teacher! 

Why America's Smartest Students Fail Math

This is a great article about math education in the United States. This isn't just about Alexander county or North Carolina. American students must be taught how to think critically and how to problem solve.