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Mrs. Allyson Barnes

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*For complete lesson plans and all links, please visit our class Moodle page.

*Once on the Moodle site, individual classes are listed on the right side of the page.  Select the appropriate course.

*Students will find my updated daily lesson plans at the top of the Moodle page.  The link is the first link listed under the Syllabus and Forms heading.  It is titled NC Math 3 Lesson Plans or PreCalculus Lesson Plans (depending on the course you are in.)  This is a Google Doc that we have used all semester so students should be very familiar with its appearance and locatiion.

*Daily lessons/videos/homework are listed by the day.  Videos are linked in the lesson title.

           Math 3 Honors - Since you have already received your activity and homework before you left, you will mainly need to focus on watching the video that goes along with the lesson/activity.

           PreCalculus - I have placed ALL of your notes in one PDF file at the top of the lesson plans.  It is titled Chapter 3 Unit notes.  Your homework is directly below the notes.  It is not necessary for you to print the homework pages.  I would simply work the selected problems on notebook paper.

*The best way to contact me with questions will be through email.  I am planning on reporting to ACHS daily over the next few weeks so I will be checking school voicemail too.  

If you would like to turn in any of your completed work (not your notes) before we return, you may do so in the main office.  I am also accepting work when we return.