• After talking to all the teachers today in a Zoom faculty meeting, I want to clarify some things. Also, we got some additional information from Governor Cooper's press briefing just in the past hour: he has stated that NC public schools will continue to do distance learning for the remainder of the school year. We will NOT return to school face-to-face again in the 2019-2020 school year.

    1. You can take a pass [P19] if you had a grade of 60% or higher from N3 to just get credit for the class. There won't be a numerical grade calculated into your GPA or appearing on your transcript.
    2. You can withdraw [W19] if you had a grade of 59% or lower from N3 but don't want to keep working. This is a really bad idea. You will NOT get credit for the course and therefore must repeat is all over from the beginning next year. This might put you in jeopardy of not getting to take the classes you want next year or even not graduating on time with your peers if you don't get enough credits to graduate (28 by end of senior year). This is the worst option.
    3. You keep working in this N4 grading period and then get a numerical grade which will be included in GPA calculations and will appear on your transcript.

    The state says the following: "numeric grade, the highest grade representing learning as of March 13 or as improved through the semester as remote learning continued."

    For the numerical grade, we will take the higher of either N3 or F1. Basically, if you work well during N4, then can have a higher grade. If you don't work well but still choose to take a numerical grade, we will take the higher grade (N3 or average).

    I hope this makes sense, and I've included a couple examples below.
    - Student A has an N3 grade of 80% and an N4 grade of 100%. Their F1 grade would be 90%
    For student A their C19 final grade would be 90%
    - Student B has an N3 grade of 80% and an N4 grade of 60%. Their F1 grade would be 70%
    For student B their C19 final grade would be 80%

    You must talk this over with your parents/guardians. You have to decide for each of your 4 classes what you want to do. On our end, that's approximately 1,200 students x 4 decisions. We will need to be in close contact with each of you and every parent/guardian regarding this decision. Mr. Palmer will send out more info next week because the administrators & counselors need a way to verify your decision. Then we can handle how that will affect scheduling next year's classes.

    Of course, I will stay in touch with you too. I'm currently working on grading the Weeks 1 & 2 work that I have received.

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  • Click the below for links for your assignments for the time we are out of school:

    Week One for English

    Week Two English

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