Mr. Jones & Family
  • Mr. Jones’ Teaching Schedule, Spring Semester 2019-2020

    7:15-8:00         Tutoring, Room 239 (By permission only)

    8:00-9:30         First Block: Math II, Room 201 (Lindsay Cox)

    9:35-11:00       Second Block: Math IB, Room 228 (Matthew Mitchell)

    11:05-11:40     SMART Lunch A: Tutoring (Location and subject according to day: Mon-First Block, Tues-Second Block, Wed-By Request Room 239, Thur-Third Block, Fri- By Request Room 239)

    11:40-12:05     SMART Lunch B: Eating!! Room 239 (Open to students)

    12:10-1:35       Third Block: Split between Math IIIB, Room 223 (Melissa Pierce), and Discrete Math, Room211 (Marcus Bowen)

    1:40-3:05         Fourth Block: Planning, Room 239

    3:10-3:30         Tutoring, Room 239 (By permission only)

  • Math Department

    (828) 632-7063, Ext. 2239

    During the Covid-19 Social Distancing:

    Students, please visit your teachers' web pages for instructions on completing online assignments or packets.

    Students and Parents, if you have any needs or concerns that I can help with, call or email me at the contacts above and leave a phone number where I can reach you.  I will check these several times each weekday and get back to you as soon as possible.