Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Allison Martin

Hello everyone! If you have found this page, you must be curious about me, your student’s teacher, Ms. Martin, at East Alexander Middle School. 


Let me be the first to welcome you to our school and my classroom. I am so glad you’re here! 


A bit about Ms. Martin:


I graduated from East Carolina University in 2018, obtaining my bachelors in marketing and management. I quickly decided to return to school to pursue a passion I carried since third grade: working in education. 


I obtained my teaching license from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, commonly referred to as UNCC. If you or someone you know is considering a career in teaching, please feel free to reach out to me with questions about Charlotte’s graduate program, made for people that already have a bachelor's degree in another area. I not only want to serve our students and staff, but our community at large as well and will be happy to help any way I can! I graduated from this program in May 2022 and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Aside from teaching, my largest hobby revolves around my pets. I have an almost six year old staffordshire terrier named Scrappy Dappy Doo, and two tuxedo cats: one named Yumyen Hammerpaw (from a kid’s show on Netflix called Kipo) and the other named Tortellini (like the pasta.) All of us enjoy walks, and both cats even have their own small dog harnesses to wear outside to explore the great outdoors. I also enjoy a few video games, such as Nintendo's Animal Crossing and any The Legend of Zelda game. 


I am excited to be a part of the East Alexander Middle School family and look forward to adopting you and your family into ours! As mentioned, if you have any questions or would like to reach out and say hello, you can do so at any time by emailing me at:


Thank you so much for reading! Let’s have a great school year! Go Falcons!!