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    Taylorsville Elementary School (TES) believes that the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between home and school.  Parents and other family members are children’s first teachers; therefore, the continued involvement of parents and family members in the educational process is most important in fostering and improving educational achievement. We encourage our parents to help promote the mission of our school, learn about the goals and objectives of our school, and stay informed about their child’s progress while at TES.  Our school qualifies as a Title I School because the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch is higher than the district average.  Currently, Taylorsville Elementary’s free and reduced lunch meals percentage is about 69%. As a Title 1 School, TES receives some federal funding for supplies and materials and parent engagement activities.  A Title 1 plan to spend this money is created with input from staff and parents at the beginning of every school year.  The Title 1 Plan is normally reviewed at the October PTO meeting and as a part of the beginning of the year Curriculum Night.


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    Title 1 TES Title 1 Parent Involvement

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