School Social Workers Infographic
  • Hello, my name is Sarah Noble and I am the School Social Worker for Ellendale Elementary and West Alexander Middle School! I have a Master's Degree in Social Work and love working with families and helping them with food assistance, housing, employment, and other obstacles. I work with students and families that have attendance concerns, McKinney Vento, and financial assistance. I am an employee of Alexander County Schools, and I do not work for the Department of Social Services. My goal is to help families through their educational journey together, and provide social skills practice to students like leadership, friendship building, empathy and other proactive skills!


    Please contact me the following ways if you have any questions, comments, or concerns:

    Work Cell Phone: (828) 502-0869 (call/text)

    Email Address:


    My Schedule:

    Monday through Friday:


                             7:45-11:45 West Alexander Middle School

                             11:45-3:45 Ellendale Elementary School