2018-2019 Softball and Boys Soccer School

         Start Date: August 27th  

    Thursday, Sept 6th

    Grandview at West 4:00 pm


    Tuesday, September 11th                                    Thursday, September 27th

    Hudson @ West                                                 West @ Hudson

    East @ Gamewell                                              Gamewell @ East

    William Lenoir @ Granite                                  Granite @ Wm. Lenoir


    Thursday, September 13th                                  Tuesday, October 2nd

    East @ Hudson                                                  Hudson @ East

    Granite @ Gamewell                                          Gamewell @ Granite

    West @ William Lenoir                                         Wm. Lenoir @ West


    Tuesday, September 18th                                    Thursday, October 4th

    William Lenoir @ East                                        East @ Wm. Lenoir

    Gamewell @ Hudson                                         Hudson @ Gamwell

    West @ Granite                                                  Granite @ West


    Thursday, September 20th                                  Tuesday, October 9th

    Gamewell @ West                                             West @ Gamewell               

    Granite @ East                                                   East @ Granite

    Hudson @ William Lenoir                                 Wm. Lenoir @ Hudson


    Tuesday, September 25th                                    Thursday, October 11th

    William Lenoir @ Gamewell                              Gamewell @ Wm. Lenoir

    East  @ West                                                      West @ East

    Hudson @ Granite                                             Granite @ Hudson


    Soccer games that end in a tie will go to a mandatory 2-5 minute overtime periods, if no winner, the game will end in a tie.

    Seeding for the tournament will be based on record and point system for ties.

    The tournament will be held the week of October 15-18

    Soccer will be held at the higher seed.

    Softball first round will be at higher seed, semi’s and final at Central Park.

    Admission $4.00 ages 5-up    $2.00 for senior Tarheel card holders