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Dear parents,

I am extremely honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of assisting in your child’s math and social studies development. I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received so far. I have always felt that students only learn through being appropriately challenged, just as they are in any aspect of life; sports, physical fitness, etc. While I do believe that math is fun, I also believe that it should not be too easy or overly frustrating. The current curriculum is challenging for the students, which can only help them in moving forward with their academic future. I have never considered myself an “easy” instructor and do my best to challenge students for the sole reason of improving their performance. Of course, this style might be a little different than some students are used to. Therefore, I am making many accommodations to insure that every student improves their performance.

I do know that students learn at different rates and in different setting and therefore I want to insure that you understand that I stay late each and every day, Monday through Thursday, to work with ANY student who feels they need additional assistance in a small group or individual basis. Please contact me anytime to have your student stay and receive additional instruction - do not hesitate to take advantage of this additional instruction. This is in NO WAY punishment but rather just additional time that I can spend with them in a small setting to insure their complete understanding of the subject matter.

I also upload many tutorials onto my personal webpage to assist in better understanding of the lessons that we are currently covering in class, which they might find useful. 

Please go here:

Should you have ANY questions pertaining to your child’s instruction, assignments or anything about the class please do not hesitate to contact me. I value your input and your assistance.  Thank you.

Mr. Michael A. Telesca, 7th Grade Math and Social StudiesTeacher
Personal Phone Number: (828) 638-1768

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