Physical Science Teacher

Phone: 828.632.7063 ext. 2215


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Physics BA in Philosophy and Religion Certified to teach all secondary Science.

Mr. McCollum


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Class Supply List:

1.Chromebook and charger,

2. Composition Notebook & something to write with,

3. Calculator (graphing for Physics and Chemistry and scientific for Physical Science),

4. A Thumb/Zip/Flash drive if you have no or spotty internet at home (a few gb of space might be needed),

5. Some earbuds or headphones. 

Getting ready for week 1:

  1. Check your email for important info.
  2. Come check out the open house on Tuesday 8/17/21
  3. Don’t panic just do your best we are all going to do fine!
  4. Remember to consider how others feel and give people their space.
  5. For any questions try my email.  



I have two degrees from Appalachian State University, a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion in 2005 and a B.S. in Physics 2017 (with a concentration in Secondary Education). I have worked with students for over a decade. I was a counselor for abused children, then a youth minister and mentor, and I drove a school bus. While I was driving the school bus, a local principal asked me to help a 7th grade teacher. She was two years away from retirement, but had a huge family crisis. I shadowed her for two years, filling in whenever and where ever she needed me. When she retired she made me promise to get a teaching license, so I did! I chose to teach the physical sciences because I love understanding how things work and seeing how we can manipulate and play with our environment. I like to build and create, so physics was perfect for getting hands on with my classroom activities. I hope to bring this way of learning to my classroom with lots of experiments and demos that show the real-world application of science.  

Mr. McCollum Fall 2021 Teaching Schedule     

1st Planning 

2nd Physical Science 


3rd Physical Science

4th Physical Science 



Newton's Light Experiment