• Chromebook FAQs

    Basic Chromebook information

    1. What is a Chromebook?

    It is basically a laptop running Google Chrome OS (operating system). The OS is an operation system based on the Chrome web browser.  Chromebooks do not allow any software to be installed so it's impossible to get a virus and no local programs can slow the system down. Almost all software is in the cloud.

    1. Do Chromebooks get updated frequently?

    Google aims to update Chromebooks every six weeks, with new features and bug fixes. These updates happen quietly in the background and unless the update provides a large change, most Chromebook users do not even notice.  

    1. How do you control Chromebook usage and deploy apps for your school?

    Google offers Apps for Education. They also offer a web-based management console via the Google Apps control panel that provides control over when updates roll out, the deployment of apps directly to the Chromebooks, control over what apps will install and black-lists and white-lists websites.

    1. What storage options do Chromebooks provide?

    Local Storage Options

    The Acer Chromebooks provide a limited amount of internal storage 16GB. The Chromebooks also provide an SD card slot and USB ports so you can have external storage options (as long as drivers are not needed for your USB drive to run).

    Cloud-based Storage Options

    Alternatively you can use various cloud-based storage solutions also, Google Drive for example. Google provide offers free storage plans when you set-up your Google Drive. Google does not tie you to just Google products; you can use any cloud-based storage platform provided you can access it via the Chrome web browser.

    1. How can you do anything if you cannot install any software on the Chromebook?

    The whole idea of a Chromebook is to work in the "cloud": this means that you use software as a service provided from web-based cloud service providers. If you want to use a word processor, then you can use Google Docs in Google Drive completely free. Google Drive also provides Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings and Forms - all for free!