• Meet our 2016-2017 Leadership and School Improvement Teams


    Our Leadership/School Improvement Team, serving since 8/ 2014 

    Mr. Andy Palmer, Principal    apalmer@alexander.k12.nc.us
    Kindergarten- Menis        dmenis@alexander.k12.nc.us
    1st grade - Alexander   salexander@alexander.k12.nc.us
    2nd grade- Priest    spriest@alexander.k12.nc.us
    3rd grade- Allen    mallen@alexander.k12.nc.us
    4th grade- J. Hefner  jordanhefner@alexander.k12.nc.us
    5th grade-C. Hefner    chefner@alexander.k12.nc.us
    Teacher Assistant Rep.- D. Campbell    dcampbell@alexander.k12.nc.us
    Instructional Coach-L. Gwaltney   lydia_gwaltney@alexander.k12.nc.us
    Enhancement Rep.- Hart (Media Coordinator)  lhart@alexander.k12.nc.us
    Parent Reps- S. Rogers (child in 3rd grade); A. Adams (child in 4th grade )
     *Please scroll down for our SIT/Leadership Agendas and Notes for the school year of 2016-2017.

    June Leadership Agenda  

    1.       Duty Free Lunch TAs and Teachers

    a.       Rotate teachers-Running schedule 

    2.       CNA

    3.       STEM-Early release days


    Notes from June 13, 2017

    I.        Duty Free Lunch

    1.       Rotate as needed within each grade level

    2.       Twice a nine weeks K-5 duty free

    a.       Covered by Smith, Hart, Hamby, Palmer, Hager, Lackey

    II.      STEM scheduled on ER days-Work around teacher schedule

    a.       Once a month starting in October and running till April

    III.    CNA-See shared document in Google Docs

    IV.    Gwaltney

    1.       Walk of Fame-Yes for next year

    a.       Clarify expectations first of the year

    2.       Tier I goals completed first of the year

    3.       Make sure each grade level is teaching same subject at the same time

    a.       There are issues with EC scheduling and this would help

    4.       Interventions-

    a.       Tier II-Two days a week

    b.      Tier III-Three days a week

    c.       Reading 8:15-8:55

    d.      Math Flex 

    March Leadership 8th Agenda

    March Leadership Notes from meeting 3:30-4:15. Not present Ms. Adams and Ms. Robertson

    1. Writing program-Ms. Gwaltney is going to research and bring back more information to the April meeting. The Leadership Team agreed we should have some program for at least K-2.

    2. Field Trips-Who is going to handle?

    1. Teachers submit field trips before summer

    1. Ms. Hager books everything she can

    2. Teachers and TAs at each grade level will take care of the other field trips that come up throughout the year.

    3. Permission forms etc.  (Has not been decided)

    1. TA per grade level and teachers take care of field trips for the year (This was not a good option)

    1. STEM-Check Calendars-Next days (STEM Day 4/7)

    2. EOG celebration

    1. Final ideas will be discussed in April meeting

    2. Details are still being worked out

    3. Pep Rally In gym on May 30th 2:00

    4. Possible East Band

    5. Dance off

    6. Skits

    7. Reward for effort and proficiency(Gwaltney and Palmer Shave their heads)

    8.  What will get them excited?

    9. What will make them work that little extra?

    1. Walk of Fame Dates set

    1. K/1st-4-4

    2. 2nd/3rd-4-5

    3. 4th/5th-4-6

    1. Leadership Input

    1. K-None

    2. 1st     None

    3. 2nd      None

    4. 3rd        None

    5. 4th           None

    6. 5th        None

    7. Media-Add testing schedule to agenda next month 

    8. Parents-None

    9. Counselor-Needs help with running club-Pick a day that you can help.

    10. Gwaltney  -Seeing great things in the building. Commented on how we take the students where they are and do everything we can to help them. Bragging on how well C. Hefner is doing. Very well said! And not said enough!


    February Leadership 8th/Notes

    1. Finish survey for parents-Ready to send out 2/23-This will need to be created.

    1. Find old survey-There were several found online and shared.

    2. Call SAC for input-Mr. Palmer spoke with two of the five members and will speak with the rest when the survey is completed to get their input.

    3. Share Forms-How we will complete needs assessment process etc.  –Held off on this until the March Leadership.  There will be clarification at principal meetings.

    4. Mr. Hefner is making a rough draft copy to share

    5. The Leadership Team came up with at least 25 questions they felt would be beneficial to ask the parents. The survey will be two pages and offered electronically.

    6. Once the rough draft is completed we will go through the process to narrow it down to what we will send home. Ms. Smith will format the survey to make it electronically.

    7. All surveys will go home in an envelope to be returned sealed by the parent. The goal is to get honest feedback.

    1. Field Trips-Money, Forms, who handles?

    1. This will be broken down in to sections and the jobs will be split up amongst the teacher assistances, secretaries, and teachers.

    1. EOG Testing We use to do pirates-Is there something else? 

    1. Get them excited-relaxed   Please start conversations on how we can get students excited for EOG testing. Parents would love to see us dance!

    1. Artist in residence-5 classes for 5 days –Mr. Palmer needs to find out how many students can attend each class. What we feel would be fair is to have 4th and 5th grade go so all students can attend. As students come up through school they will have art in 4th and 5th grade if Hiddenite can continue to fund it. 

    2. Grade Levels-

      1st-Ms. Alexander is going to bring back ideas for grade level STEM from the 2/20 PD (K-1)


      3rd-Had idea for STEM activity for the 24th STEM Day


      5th-Create an open document to share ideas about STEM with other schools

                      Mr. Palmer going to bring up at next principal meeting

    3. Media-Good

    4. Counselor-Good

    5. TA-Good

    6. Parents-Our wonderful parents were good

    7. Other –None


    Leadership Notes

    January 11th Leadership Agenda/Notes

    Notes from Meeting are in Bold

    1. Survey to parents on school climate.

    1. Make one-Survey will go home with students on February 23rd. Ideas need to be brought back to Leadership in February on what we want to include in our parent survey. Mr. Palmer is going to look for the old survey.

    1.  (Stevie Robertson,   Shanda Rogers, and Angela Adams) The parents attended their first SIT/Leadership meeting of the year. They were brought up to date on all of the following topics listed below.   

    1. Share budget-State Budget, 960 budget and Title I budget

    2. SIP-Make sure we go over where we are in the process

    1. Parents were brought up to date on goals that have been reached and ones that still need to be worked on.

    1. MTSS process-How and what the process looks like within our school?  Why we are using the MTSS process? 

    2. Needs assessment-Why we complete the needs assessment? How we take the needs assessment and turn that into our SIP?

    3. PBIS-What is PBIS? Why are we using it?  The parents knew what the clip up clip down process was, but were unsure about why we use PBIS. A discussion followed on how PBIS teaches students the correct behavior that is expected and how students are rewarded for that behavior.

    1. Next STEM Day-February 24th, 2017

    2. Finalize Curriculum Day-This had been completed prior to our Leadership Meeting.

    3. The NED show March 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th or 8th  AM or PM

    1. Do we want to bring them here? The answer was yes we want them to come.

    2. The Ned Show will be here March 3rd and perform for the entire school at 2:00.  The NED Show uses Yo-yos to teach character traits. Their merchandise must be made available for sale for at least a week.   The program is no cost to the school.

    1. Artists in Residence-Teachers are going to discuss with coworkers and bring their ideas to the faculty meeting.

    1. We need to decide dates  1st and 2nd choices and what we want them to bring/teach

    2. Can schedule January, February, March

    3. 3-4 days

    4. Stay all day

    5. No Cost

    6. Certified Artist

    7. More art classes offered-Spring and Fall-Would schedule on PD day to save the cost of the sub

    1. Grade Level Concerns

      Kindergarten-Not present

      1st grade- What are the walk a fame dates?

      K-1 2/7

      2-3 2/8

      4-5 2/9


      2nd Grade- No concerns


      3rd No concerns


      4th-Had concerns with parking out back-We need lines painted on the middle parking area.  There were just not any good answers for parking in the back of the school.  Tina can move her car to the side parking area.




      Ms. Gwaltney-Brought up a discussion about figure 8 practices and what a writing program would look like here at SP. Discussions need to happen at grade levels and PLCs. We will revisit.


      Ms. Smith-When can we have our 5K run? 6/7 at 1:30


      5th Grade-Will the end of the nine weeks date change because of the snow days?  At this point there has been no change to the calendar. 




    1. Fall Festival-Ways to Improve and highlights

    1. Fire truck helpful

    2. Seemed to run well

    3. There was a lot of students who were from outside SPES

    4. Teachers enjoyed the money for their classrooms

    5. Auction off bigger stuff-Depending-How much PTO made?

    6. Better documentation for presale tickets

    1. Strategic Plan-How well are we working towards our goals

    1. Goal 1

    1. EVAAS-We need training

    2. Tier III handled in SST

    3. SPES staff is sent a Google Doc with all tier students

    1. Goal 2

    1. 4th and 5th is good with vertical alignment

    2. More work with K-3

    3. PLC are shared in Google Docs with Ms. Gwaltney-Will start to share with Mr. Palmer

    1. Goal 3

    1. School Wide Survey to parents-It was agreed we need to do one-Format to be discussed

    2. Parent Leadership members/SIT-Mr. Palmer to call top three from K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Invite to meetings every 2nd Wednesday.

    1. Goal 4

    1. Celebration walk was amazing

    2. Try to get pictures to the newspaper

    3. Grades will start to share best practice at faculty meetings

    1. Goal 5

    1. Where are the 3 student computers for Menis and Alexander

    2. 3rd and 4th grade are starting to see success with the one to one in their classrooms-J. Hefner said Harrington is doing well with 5th grade-Good idea shared to save all passwords in google docs

    1. Resource Room not being used as much as we thought-

    1. Brainstorm ideas on why? How do we make it better? 


    1. Lydia-New ipads for mclass k-3 for testing


    Leadership Meeting 10/12/2016  

    Next STEM day Nov 18th - Friday Afternoon

    Title One Money- sent email this morning about the state picking up Kirby’s salary. Have not had a response - If we were to get that money it would be 40K plus. Do not get excited because we do not have a final answer. What ideas do we have regarding the money - in case:


    *Enhancements would share 6 ipads

    *Hiring some part time TAs

    PBIS - We got our green ribbon recognition for our PBIS. Same reward as last year - slower start this year but continued success. Where are pointer tokens?

    SIP Goals/Team - Have been pushing for two teams for the past years. We are going to send those same parents notes and they will be invited into our leadership meetings. May need to meet from 3:30 - 4:00 as a team. We can then invite parents to attend post 4:00 to discuss issues that may apply to them.

    4 & 5th did an amazing job presenting at the board level. Mentioned over and over the SIP goals. Going to add Veterans day.

    Fall Festival - PTO is starting getting phone calls from outside sources asking to join our fall festivals. Get signed up for your games before Friday so that PTO will know who is doing what.

    Staff Member - Lauren came up with a proposal regarding “Monday Funday”. Highlight colleges in the morning announcements. Could be do a display about that college or University in the lower lobby/upper hallway. If we could wear a college T Shirt/causes shirt with jeans. Highlight fast facts about the college in question. Would highlight - inauguration day, earth day,  etc. Lauren will share the document with the special days on it.

    Veteran’s Day - K-2 11/14    3-5 11/15 - Send something home on 10/24. We need to make sure that they are child sponsored. We will buy their lunch and they can come be with their family member. She has to place the order for the cafeteria in advance.

    September 14th, 2016 Leadership Agenda

    1. Spend Title I

    1. STEM or STEAM

    2. Math interventions person to come

    3. Rewards for parent FIT night

    1. FIT night-Finalize plans

    2. School Improvement Plan

    3. PBIS-Update Mr. Hefner

    4. Help present to board-What? Who?

    5. Fall Festival tentative 11/4

    1. Each grade sponsor a game

    2. Won’t have to work it

    3. Try to find parents to work

    4. Does AC have a game-Not home

    5. Homework pass

    6. Should be able to reimburse up to a certain point


      Notes from meeting 9/14/2016 3:30-4:30 p.m.

    1. $1,400 Title I Parent Involvement will be spent on:

    1.  Math/Reading kits for FIT night

    2. A book for each student

    3. Prizes from book fair to be given as prizes

    1. Did not discuss School Improvement Plan

    2.  FIT Night Plan 10/3 6:00-7:00 p.m.

          a. Teachers dress as super heroes during the day

          b. Students will dress at night like super heroes

                 c. We are going to pay for math and reading kits out of Title I money to give away                                  for K-2 and 3-5

                 d. K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 halls will set up stations

                 e. Parents will rotate through stations and have teachers initial a card-Once they                                   have completed all stations parents will turn information in to be                                             eligible for a book fair drawing

          f. Please talk to a Leadership member for details.


    3. PBIS should be up and running after the faculty meeting on the 21st

    4. 4th/5th grade teachers will help present at the board-Topics will be

    1. Attendance-How we are trying to improve

    2. Grandparents Week

    3. Celebration Walk of Fame

    4. Veterans Day Lunch

    5. Wall of Fame for 3rd-5th

    6. STEM monthly activities

    7. Be sure to get pledgers

    8. It was also suggested that we strap a Go Pro camera to a kindergarten student to gain a unique perspective (We may revisit this idea next year

    1. Fall Festival will be 11/4 from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

    1. Teachers will come up with a game

    2. Teachers may come up with other activity to earn money (Hair Paint etc.)

    1. Other concerns

    1. Media-Distributed material if we ever have a book get challenged

    2. Gwaltney to clarify conferences at faculty meeting

    3. Be on time picking up students from specials-We will do a school wide time check


    Leadership August 2016 Agenda

    1. PBIS

    2. PD for year

    3. FIT Night  Set Date and How?

    4. Form for Conference 9/26-9/30

    1. Goal Setting-For student-Here is where they are-Here is where they need to get to

    2. 100% parent attendance

    3. Awards how it works

    4. PTO dates

    5. Facebook, school messenger, and webpage

    6. Smart Goals

    1. PTO performances each nine weeks

    2. Electing a SIT at open house    How? 

    3. Hospitality Guidelines-Show paper from Shannon

    4. Early Release at of each grading period

    1. Grades need to be in When? 

    2. There are no work days

    1. Heritage Fair Come to Stony Point $2.00 per child or the 4th grade goes for $5.00 per child-

    1. Do you have a preference? 

    1. Science Day-STEM or STEAM What day works?  How do we celebrate?

    Notes-Discussion from August 2016 Leadership Meeting

    1. PBIS discussed next meeting

    2. PD for year will be on STEM, STEAM, and Math Interventions

    3. FIT night will be the week of 9/30-10/6

    1. Theme-Super Hero

    2. Stations for teachers

    3. Ask a Leadership member-More details to follow

    1. Not discussed

    2. PTO performance-

    1. 4/5 Will perform in October

    2. 2/3 Will perform January 9th-13th

    3. K/1 In Spring

    1. SIT-Each grade is going to turn in three parent names by 9/2

    1. This will be sent to parents for a vote

    2. SIT will meet every other month or as needed

    1. Good to use same rules as last year

    2. Grades for 3rd-5th will be due at the end of each nine weeks

    3. 4th will attend Heritage Fair

    4. Science Day will be 9/16 at 1:30



    *Please scroll down for SIP Leadership Agendas and Notes for school year 2015-2016.

    Leadership 9/9-Agenda

    1.       Do we want to continue the Mother’s Day store/ Christmas Store?

    a.       Good money we have to pay tax now.

    b.      Time out of your class

    2.       SIP Goals

    a.       Copies

    b.      Copy of West

    3.       Fall Festival 10/31


    1.       We will continue to have both stores.

    2.       SIP completed and shared with staff.

    3.       Fall Festival may run into some issues with other events. I will check to see what PTO can do about date and times.  One issue will be PTO has secured vendors etc.


    Missing Mr. Davidson, Parent


    Leadership Agenda 10/14

    1.       Mission and vision

    2.       Title One Budget-Copy of sheet

    a.       Discuss class set vs two more per k-2 teacher

                                                                   i.      Show the numbers

    b.      Media $10.00 per student

    c.       $500.00 Scan to Read Books

    d.      Reading Eggs 1050.00

    3.       Bell at 3:15 p.m.-Start announcements at 3:13 or so

    4.       CANVAS-Computer system for county

    5.       Monitors or fun name-Students are safety people

    6.       School wide assembly for Jump Rope for Heart March 1st



    1.       We will begin the dismissal process at 3:13. When the bell rings at 3:15 Car riders and After School students will be dismissed.  This has to be communicated to parents and will not start until 10/19

    2.       CANVASS Training was discussed

    3.       Monitors (Looking for a better name) are going to be used in the morning and afternoon.  These will be 4th and 5th grade students who have demonstrated good character traits.

    a.       May need to purchase running vest to make students stand out

    4.       Box Tops

    a.       Where does the money go?

    b.      Can the money go directly to teachers?

    5.       4th and 5th grade going to create a plan to reward perfect attendance on a weekly or biweekly basis-The rest of the school may want to follow if they are having similar issues with attendance

    6.       Red Ribbon Week 27th-30th

    7.       A Title I budget was agreed on. Will be submitted to CO by Friday the 16th.

    a.       We agreed to more money into a resource room and not purchase a class set of iPads for K-2.

    b.      We also agreed to set aside $5.00 more dollars per child for digital media.

    8.       Rough drafts of the mission and vision statements were completed. They will be posted in the Pointer News and any suggestions are welcomed. A big Thank You to Ms. Hart for coming with rough drafts!!!


    December Leadership Agenda

    1.       PBIS rewards-Jordan sent out in an email

    2.       Fundraisers

    3.       Career Day (Format, Dates)

    4.       SIP where are we with goals?

    5.       Tutoring Buddies

    6.       $1,295.00 Spend in media center on digital learning


    Discussed: 12/9/15-

     1.       Tokens need to be more readily available (Hager’s office, workroom)

    a.       Everyone needs to give out more tokens in the school

    b.      Any ideas to carry tokens with each teacher?

    c.       Ms. Rector, through Ms. Gwaltney, ribbon awards for weekly winner

    2.       Fundraisers

    a.       Paperwork turned to CO to have two fundraisers at Wendy’s and Chick-fil-a

    3.       Career Day-Brainstorm with grade levels to come up with what format we want to use here.

    4.       SIP-We reviewed goals

    a.       Seemed to be doing well with parent involvement, PLC, and MTSS process. 

    b.      We purchased extra iPads for K-2.

    c.       Mission and vision statement sent out by Mr. Palmer for parent input.

    5.       Tutoring Buddies

    a.       4th and 5th grade students to start working with K-3 students in the mornings. The idea is to get the students one on one time that may benefit from an older student. 

    6.       Discuss at grade levels best way to spend the money for the media center-

    a.       Questions:

                                                                   i.      Do we want something we have to renew each year?

                                                                 ii.      When we go one to one-How can the students start to use the media center?


    Add to agenda next month

    1.       Career day format

    2.       SIP plan goals reviewed 


    January Leadership Agenda

    1.       SIP goals

    2.       Career Day

    3.       BOE Month

    4.       LMS (Learning Management System) Google, Canvas etc.  

    5.       What to send home about retentions? Conferences?

    6.       What to do about attendance, leaving early and tardies?

    7.       Resource Room-Gathering Book Sets

    8.       1/15 Grades and PDP

    9.       Staff locates one person willing to proctor.

    10.   Update PTO

    11.   Grade Level Input

    Leadership February-Agenda

    1.       Mr. Hefner  to update Leadership and anyone else about calendar

    2.       SIP Goals

    3.       Are we on track for getting proctors?

    4.       LMS

    a.       Start to weigh the pros and cons

    5.       Bring in what we have for tardies and leave earlies

    a.       County policy

    b.      School policy

    c.       Lackey gathering data

    d.      Plan to get something in writing that will be supported by the CO.

    6.       Update PTO

    7.       Dinner with New Salem Church February


    Results from Leadership meeting 2/10 3:30-4:50 Absent Allen, Campbell, Hart

    1.       Leadership voted to keep October 31st as the work day.  Mr. Palmer will take this to the principals meeting.  Jordan will report back to calendar committee.

    2.       SIP Goals

    a.       MTSS process working well

    b.      PLC processes are in place and working. We have been off schedule since we are finishing testing.

    c.       Resource room has been added to our SIP.

                                                                 a.      Currently inventorying classrooms

                                                                b.      Collecting teacher needs

                                                                 c.      Compare the two to see where we need to spend the money

    3.       Proctors-Staff is continuing to work on locating people to help.

    4.       LMS-Push till next meeting

    5.       Tardies and students leaving early-

                                                                 a.      Looked at the data over the last month with students leaving early

                                                                b.      Looked at what we had in place with county policy and school policy

                                                                 c.      What can we put in place from here to the end of the year?

                                                                d.      What can we put in place for next year?

                                                                e.      Discussion next meeting

    6.       Talent Show moving forward-Permission slips home tomorrow

    7.       Call Mr. Little arrange for date-All staff felt we should support New Salem. Date forthcoming


    4th Mr. Hefner ask if we could promote the faculty vs. 5th grade basketball game

    Leadership decided on June 6th at 1:30 for the 5 K run




    Discussion: Date 1/13/16 3:30-4:40

    1.       SIP Goals covered: One concern-Is our MTSS process working with only having one EC referral for the year?  We believe currently that it is working. 

    2.       Career Day: K-2 will be more community helpers and 3-5 will be career people going to classrooms-Tentative date 5/6 in the PM

    3.       BOE several good ideas to show our appreciation

    4.       LMS-Bring a list of possible choices to next meeting and start the process of positives and negatives

    5.       Any possible retentions and or Tier II student will have to be conferenced with

    6.       We will review what is in place at the county level and school level at the next meeting.   The plan is to have something in writing for next year that will be supported by the CO.

    7.       Teachers will work on gathering resources on the 15th and the 19th. We can inventory the material for the resource room and make a plan from there.

    8.       PDP reviews scheduled Friday to not have wasted time

    9.       Staff needs to locate one person who is willing to proctor on either 5/31 or 6/1.

    10.   Updated on current PTO information-Next meeting 1/14 at 3:30.

    11.   Try to not have benchmarks and testing window open on the same dates.  Fourth grade has struggled to cover the pull outs.  The testing windows should not be at the same time again. 


    April Leadership Agenda and Notes from 4/13

    1. SIP

      1. When do we want to do needs assessment?

        1. Summer Date (Pick in May)

      2. Motivation-How will reward?

      3. Tardies and Leave

    2. Motivation-School Wide-Tie it to PBIS

    3. Tardies and Leaving Early

    4. 960 Money Due June 30th How much do we have to spend? 

      1. $2,500.00 (Increase technology and based SIP)

      2. 5 Flat screen monitors (Going Bad-Check county pay for)

      3. $250.00 for ident a kid

      4. iPad camera that will follow

    5.   Entenmann's Little Bites pouch says you can earn $0.02 per donated pouch for the school

      1. Is this something we want to try

    6. What do we want to do with XP computers? County picking up cost

      1. $60.00 change to chrome book (computers are old)

      2. Or buy refurbished computers for $200.00 three year warranty.

      3. Try to focus on k-2

    7. Box Tops Poster

    8. Fairy Tale Parade May Friday 20th or May Thursday 26th

    9. Graduation dates

      1. 5th grade 6/6

      2. K-6/7

      3. 5th send off 6/7

      4. 1st-4th-6/8

    10. 4/13 and on may have a lockdown drill from the county (Unannounced)

    11. Career Day

      1. Outside K-2

        1. Community Jobs (Fire fighter, police officer)

      2. 3-5 in 4-5 Hallway (More career specific)

    12. PTO update

      1. 5/6 Spring Fling-Teacher sign-up sheet

      2. Kiss the pig competition

        1. Teacher and myself

      3. Baskets for grade levels

      4. Teacher Appreciation week 9th-13th.

      5. Tiles and paint-Due 4/29

    13. Pick a date for half day TAs  work on all cum folders




      Leadership (Notes are divided up by the numbers above)

      1, 2 and 3

      1. Quarterly goal
              Student and Teacher set goals-Walk down hall to celebrate
              Parent is aware of the goal
      2. Perfect attendance quarterly:
      3. Citizen goals-Class votes-Best
              Art, writing, computer skills, citizenship, athletic,
      4. Separate each day for the walk down hall
      5. Walk of fame-All students line up in hall to cheer the winners on.
      6. Tie this into PTO to bring parents in
      7. This will take over for Pointer Club
      8. Motivation 3-5 Demerit process-Tardies and Leaving early
              Dates and rules (Get this done during work days) Make sure to have this in the student handbook.

      9. Have to set Tier Goals at the end of the year so we are ready with Tier I goal



      10. $1000 two teacher PD, $250 for Ident-a-kid, 5 flat screens (Check for surplus before we purchase)
      11. Future money could be used for a camera that can follow a teacher. We would use to record lessons and critique ourselves.



      We are already doing too much to take on another fundraiser.



      The county is taking care of all XP computers. Every K-2 teacher will have 3 PC per classroom. Ms. Smith XP computer-What is the county going do for her?



      Shared numbers for this year-Poster is located in the front of the building.


      Fairy Tale Parade will be 5/26

      13. Chic-f-la $24.00 per teacher-Turn in receipts to Shannon-Only teachers who worked


      15. 6/7 5th grade in morning 8:30

            6/7 5th after graduation go to BO's for sendoff (Tentative Date)
            6/7 Kindergarten 1:00 pm 

            6/8 1st-4th 8:30 Start-All will be in the gym-They will leave as they finish each grade level.


      17. Career Day-
              3-5 Will be in there rooms
              K-2 Outside


      18. Spring Fling tiles due 4/29

      19. TAs-Folders 4/22 start 11:30

        20. Volunteers for gym during testing-Please continue to ask for volunteers that can watch students in the gym. 


    May Leadership Agenda

    1.        Make sure to get Tier I goals done by end of year

    2.        LCD Boards-What do we know? 

    3.        Budget for next year

    a.        Charles Tillman-Cost $690.00

    4.        PTO-Updates

    a.        $3,500

    b.        Yard Sale-Date TBA

    5.        SIP goals-Timeline, Review Goals Step by Step

    a.        What goals do we keep for next year?

    b.        Leave a section for testing data

    c.        Other sections we need to leave open to add goals

    d.        Budget will come from our SIP goals/Comprehensive Needs Assessments 

    6.        Additions to handbook about motivation/rewards/PTO/Parent

    7.        a. Quarterly goal
            Student and Teacher set goals-Walk down hall to celebrate
            Parent is aware of the goal
    b. Perfect attendance quarterly:
    c. Citizen goals-Class votes-Best
            Art, writing, computer skills, citizenship, athletic,
    d. Separate each day for the walk down hall
    e. Walk of fame-All students line up in hall to cheer the winners on.
    f. Tie this into PTO to bring parents in
    g. This will take over for Pointer Club
    h. Motivation 3-5 Demerit process-Tardies and Leaving early
            Dates and rules (Get this done during work days) Make sure to have this in the student handbook.

    8.        Go over Lockdown Drill review

    9.        Future meetings-Dates, Summer Date

    Notes from May 11, 2016 Meeting:

    1. Tier I-June 13th 9:00
            a. Also going to include CNA/SIP
            b. 2nd Grade and Kindergarten need representation
    2. LCD Boards-Discuss possible purchase
            a. Look at for budget next year-Maybe include one for Media Center
    3. Budget for next year
            a. Tillman-Yes
            b. Gwaltney- Guided reading kits that correlate with Reading 3D and has information that could be shared with parents.  Cost will be $190.00 per kit order two kits for K-3 and one kit for 4th and 5th-These are a definite needs and will be looked at in the CAN and the budget.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.