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Core Attendance

Defining Core Attendance

School attendance includes whole school days, tardies, and early dismissals.  In order to build an efficient and effective intervention system for attendance, universal attendance strategies and practices based on research should be utilized. The handout on the right provides recommendations. 

Please note in February 2018, the North Carolina State Board of Education defined Chronic Student Absenteeism. In that definition, a  “student chronic absentee” is defined as a student who “is enrolled in a North Carolina public school for at least 10 school days at any time during the school year, and whose total number of absences – excused or unexcused – is equal to or greater than 10 percent of the total number of days that such student has been enrolled at such school during such school year.”

Source: NC MTSS Implementation Guide, Defining Core Attendance Practices

Attendance Resources

Core Attendance Practices & Strategies

Attendance Flowchart