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School Volunteers

Volunteer at Alexander County Schools

Thank you for considering donating your time and talents to support ACS students. We know that educating the whole child takes the whole community, and we also know that everyone has something to give. In fact, we rely on families and community members to supplement the hard work of our teaching staff. Thank you again for your interest!

To help guide you through the process of volunteering in ACS, please review the following:

Volunteer Levels:

School Level:  No formal screening or training is required for volunteers who do not have direct contact with or supervision of students; such as: office clerical assistant, PTA activities, outdoor projects (landscaping), athletics concession sales, school fairs, or guest speakers.

Level I: Screening is required for volunteers who have direct contact with and controlled access to students under the supervision of the Professional Staff; including but not limited to:  reading or lunch buddies, in- class volunteers, field trip chaperones and other similar activities.  Level I screening consists of school-level approval through an interview with the principal, assistant principal, or a staff person assigned that duty by the principal and a Volunteer Profile Form completed.  Volunteer Profile Form

Level II:  A Background Screening is required for volunteers who are given direct contact with and supervision of students for extended periods of time without direct supervision by professional staff.  Level II screening is also required annually for any volunteer/chaperone that attends an overnight field trip associated with any school.  Level II screening consists of all the steps for Level I screening plus a Background Check (Cost 21.95).  Please click the link below to register for your Level II clearance.

ACS Employees as Volunteers:  Current employees are eligible to volunteer in ACS and are exempt from the screening procedures listed above.

Ineligible Volunteers:  All former employees of the Alexander County Board of Education who are ineligible for rehire due to moral, ethical, or legal reasons are ineligible to volunteer in ACS.  Any person who is a registered sex offender may not serve as a volunteer.  Other people convicted of serious crimes will undergo any necessary screening as deemed appropriate.  

Visitors to the School must comply with Board of Education Policy 5020.

Please feel free to contact Becky Rosenberg in Human Resources for all questions:  828-632-7001 ext 223