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ACS Autism Team

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Evidence Based Practice Spotlight

Social Narratives

 Social Narratives can help students on the autism spectrum with daily and typical routines throughout their day.    

Emergency Drills at School

Fire Drill

Tornado Drill

Shelter in Place Drill

New School Year related Social Narratives

Please review them with your child daily to help improve transitions and daily interactions.

First Day of School

Riding the Bus to School

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Using a Schedule

Using a Work Table

Listening to My Teacher Read a Story

I Finish My Work

Raising My Hand

Quiet Voice

Covering My Cough and Sneeze


Cleaning Up the Room


Using the Rest Room

Washing Hands

Cafeteria - Choosing Food

Cafeteria - Carrying My Tray

Cafeteria - Waiting with Friends

Cafeteria - I Eat My Own Food


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