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July 11th School Matters


July 11th, 2023


The Alexander County Board of Education held a July 11th regularly scheduled meeting.  

Listed below are the reports and actions.

Testing and Accountability Report

Testing and Accountability Director Andrea Robinette reported on four minor testing irregularities during the state tests. One student was not given accommodations and should have been. The student was retested. Another student refused his/her accommodations. One student got sick during the exam and was retested later. A fourth could not stay awake during testing and was determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance. 


Superintendent’s Remarks

Dr. Betsy Curry delivered remarks on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Hefner. The associate superintendent updated the group on hearings to be held in the fall on the school system’s budget. Input will be gathered from a parent group, community members and staff. After the feedback sessions, the administration and members of the board’s finance committee will make recommendations to the full board. The budget conversations arose in an effort to shore up operations for the 2024-25 school year. The district has lost some money due to lower enrollments. The amount of operating expenses from the county commission is also less than surrounding counties. The state average for a local contribution is $2,457 and the local amount in Alexander is $1,781. 


School Board policies revision 

The board considered several policy revisions presented by Chief Financial Officer Mrs Sharon Mehaffey. 


The board considered the second reading of new policies and approved them unanimously.

  • Policy No. 3225/4312/7320 - Technology Responsible Use

  • Policy No. 4110 - Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission

  • Policy No. 4155 - Assignment to Classes

  • Policy No. 4220 - Student Insurance Program

  • Policy No. 4240/7312 - Child Abuse and Related Threats to Child Safety

  • Policy No. 4300 - Student Behavior Policies

  • Policy No. 4310 - Integrity and Civility

  • Policy No. 4400 - Attendance

  • Policy No. 4700 - Student Records


Alexander County Board Policies are available for review by the public at or by appointment at the Alexander County Board of Education Office on Liledoun Road, Taylorsville, North Carolina.


Board members Brigette Rhyne, Anthony McLain, and Josh Dagenhart were not in attendance at the meeting.