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Job Shadowing

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What is Job Shadowing? 

     Job shadowing is a short-term work-based learning experience that allows students to follow a host employer during a typical day while observing daily activities and asking questions about a particular career. For many students, a job shadow may be their first, practical exposure to a particular career or even to the world of work in general. Job Shadowing allows a student to observe a career path of his or her interest. Students will be given the opportunity to report to an area employer to learn about a particular occupation or business/industry without actually being involved in an employer-employee, in depth, hands-on/production relationship. They may be able to witness a variety of tasks and learn about the educational/training requirements associated with a particular career. The experience can help a student formulate a more realistic impression of whether or not they are truly compatible regarding their individual interests and abilities. Job Shadowing is a good way to assist in building lasting partnerships among students, parents, education, and business/industry. 
Alexander County Schools will allow Junior and Senior students to have 2 Job Shadowing opportunities and/or College days per school year that will be counted as an Educational Opportunity and not a school absence. Students should complete at least 6 hours of Job Shadowing to count as a full Educational Opportunity day. 
Students will not be counted absent on the day of Job Shadowing as long as all forms are approved and complete, including the Job Shadowing Reflection Form after the Job Shadowing experience.