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Staff - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am leaving the district and would like to take content from my Google Drive with me. What is the process for this?

A: Please reference this document for assistance with this process: Transfer Content from School Issued Gmail Account: Google Takeout

Q: How do I get my smart phone connected to the school's wifi?

A:  Complete a FMX Tech Request 

Q:  How do I get blocked websites unblocked?

A:  Consult with your principal to obtain approval and ask them to complete a FMX Tech Request on your behalf.

Q:  Who do I ask for help with NCEdcloud login issues?

  A:  Ensure you are actually typing in the web address of as you should not use a shortcut. Next, clear your browser history. Finally, try a different internet browser. If you attempt each of the these three troubleshooting items and are still unable to access your account, please enter a FMX tech request for assistance.

Q:  Who do I ask for help with Power Teacher Pro?

  A:  Your school data manager can help you with training and questions.