TI84 Plus
  • Steps To Download The TI84 Plus on your Computer

    Go to Link Below and download the Wabbitemu file to your computer.

     Web-site to Download File 


    Make a folder on your desktop and name TI84Plus.

    Move the Wabbitemu.EXE file (you just downloaded) to the TI84Plus Folder, on your desktop.

    Download this file to your folder as well.  Here is link:  TI84PLUS_OS255.8Xu

    You should have 2 files in your TI84Plus Folder.  See example below.


    Click on the Wabbitemu.exe and Run.

    Click on “Create a ROM image using open source software”   Click Next

    Click on “TI-84 Plus”   Click Next

    Click on “Browse for OS Files on my computer”  and click Browse.  Point to the file in wabbitemu folder TI84Plus_OS255.8Xu, and OPEN.  Then click, FINISH.

    A Wabbitemu Export Rom box will pop up asking for a File Name.  Type the name:  TI84Plus and save to the Folder you created TI84Plus on Desktop. Then click, SAVE.

    You should have 3 files in your folder now.



    Once you click SAVE, the TI84Plus Calculator will pop up.


    Click on the Maximize button and the full calculator will show.

    You will need to run the Wabbitemu file each time you use the calculator.