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Automated Parent Notifications Removal Form

  • Parents can complete the attached form and return it to the school office to have a number removed from the automated parent notification system. 

     Please remove my telephone number from the automated call system.  I acknowledge this request blocks all automated calls to this number including inclement weather notifications, school delays and closings, emergency notifications, general school and school district information, and community-related information.


Automated Parent Notifications

  • Our school system must rely on the best technology available to communicate with the greatest number of families we serve.  We use a telephone-based notification service which allows us to record one message and transmit it to home phones and mobile numbers parent provide the school.

    The best way to ensure that you will be notified of delays, closings, emergencies, and general updates regarding your school or the district is to make sure your contact information is up-to-date at your child's school.

    At the beginning of each message from Alexander County Schools, we have the following introductory message:

    This is an important message from Alexander County Schools. Please press 1 to play this message immediately.
    Press pound to place this call on hold. If you would like to hear options to unsubscribe this phone out of future voice messages from our schools, press 5 at any time during the message.
    Spanish version
    Este es un mensaje importante de las Escuelas del Condado de Alexander. Presione 1 para escuchar este mensaje inmediatamente.
    Presione la tecla de signo numeral para poner esta llamada en espera. Si desea escuchar las opciones para cancelar la suscripción a este teléfono de futuros mensajes de voz de nuestras escuelas, presione 5 en cualquier momento durante el mensaje.

     If you have provided your child's school with an updated email you can use the SchoolMessenger App to update your preferences and replay messages.  You can update your contact number or email address by contacting your child's school.

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