• Our Head Start classrooms continue to provide 5 Star licensed preschool services for children three and four years old in Alexander County. Children enjoy a wide variety of experiences and activities in a structured schedule of daily school routines. Families enjoy a wealth of parent training opportunities designed to their preferences.  All our classes use the highly acclaimed Creative Curriculum and all classroom teachers hold Baccalaureate Degrees.


    For more information or to register your child for one of our many preschool programs, contact Stephanie Marshall, ERSEA Manager, at (828) 632-3809 or smashall@alexander.k12.nc.us                                  

    Ways to apply:


    English Application: https://www.childplus.net/apply/en-us/DC69C51CA0D3A13C7EEBAE0A06B83ADC/02DACBE51A05FC392E0056BE3E5026BA?fbclid=IwAR3vw0Zy_6y6lyI4fZmrDFcHHC8JQO9a5Oeh6bHL4EItua2_VsuSX26WVU0

    Solicitud en Español: https://www.childplus.net/apply/es/DC69C51CA0D3A13C7EEBAE0A06B83ADC/02DACBE51A05FC392E0056BE3E5026BA?fbclid=IwAR0kMN637Dg8TpXkwAjVXXXsOf0sa-ZmaTNHGr_6zDZen3-oWa0JE_BYVWM      


     *In Person: You can come to Taylorsville Elementary School, located at 100 7th Street SW. Taylorsville, NC 28681. Ask to speak to Stephanie Marshall, ERSEA Manager.

    *En Persona (Español): You can come to Stony Point School. Located at 311 Stony Point School Rd. Stony Point, NC 28678. Pregunte por a la Gerente de Asociaciones Familiares y Comunitarias, Karen Rodriguez.


    *By Phone: Apply by phone calling the Head Start ERSEA Manager, Stephanie Marshall at (828) 632-3809

    *Por teléfono: Solicite por teléfono llamando a la Gerente de Asociaciones Familiares y Comunitarias, Karen Rodriguez a (704) 585-6390