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  • The Alexander County School System is in the process of reviewing its website to ensure compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the accessibility of the website or if you are unable to access a page or document on the website, you may contact the Communications Department via email at rmeade@alexander.k12.nc.us or by phone at 828-632-7001.

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    Wittenburg School Improvement Plan


    Kindergarten Representative: Mary Guthrie
    First Grade Representative:    Kristine Ford
    Second Grade Representative: Melissa Canter
    Third Grade Representative: Tameka Morales
    Fourth Grade Representative: Melissa Bowman
    Fifth Grade Representative: Amber Mellon

    TA Representatives:          Angie Chatham
    Specials Representative:       Scott Bowman
    EC Representative:            Sonya Teague

    Parent Representatives: Leah Hayes
    Additional: Mary Brown Principal, Melinda Glenn Instructional Coach

    Meeting Dates:




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Wittenburg Newsletter

  • Wittenburg Newsletter 

    September 2020

    828 632-2395


    Dear Parents, What an interesting way to start a school year! All things considered, we are very happy with how the beginning of the year has gone. While we would much prefer to have our students in the building every day, we are happy they are here even two days a week. We are also very happy that we have the Virtual Academy for families who prefer that option. Thank you for your grace and patience during this most unusual time for public education. Mrs. Brown

    Reading: Students are not reading as much at school because they are not at school as much. Please take every opportunity to read with your children even if it is the back of the cereal box or road signs. Reading books together before bed is a special way to end the day and bond as a family. As a mom, that was always my most favorite part of the day.  

    Wit & Wisdom: We will be working in 3rd through 5th grades with the Wit & Wisdom program. This program was designed by the same people who developed Engage NY Math. Engage NY Math helped us to improve our math instruction. Student math scores have soared! While we have good instruction, we want to continue to improve. Wit & Wisdom has been very successful in nearby counties and we feel it can take our reading instruction at Wittenburg from good to great!

    Math: Please continue to work with children on math skills at home. This can start with sorting socks or counting cans for the younger grades to helping with budgeting for groceries in the upper grades. Showing children how math is so important in daily life helps them to engage and enjoy math more in school. We will continue with the Engage NY Math program that has been so helpful over the past few years.

    Free Breakfast and Lunch: All students will receive free breakfast and lunch through December 31st. Meals can be picked up at West Middle, East Middle and ACHS

    Who to call: If you have technical questions about an iPad or chromebook, call Scott Bowman in the media center. If you have questions about Virtual Academy, please contact your child’s teacher or Ms. Glenn. The school number is 828 632-2395.

    Social-Emotional Health: One area of need across the state has been social-emotional health education for students. Last year we implemented the Sanford Harmony program across the county. We will continue with that program. Additionally, we have cleared Ms. Orren’s schedule so that she will have more available time to work with students who are having a tough time. Parents are always welcome to call Ms. Orren. 

    School Supplies: Please make sure that students’ names are on their coats, masks, lunchboxes, bookbags, water bottles and any other items. This helps us to make sure that any lost items get back to their owners.

    Thank you to the entire Wildcat family for working so hard to be ready for this school year. Thank you for wearing masks and social distancing. We could not have had as good a start to the school year without everyone working together for our kids!